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Reserve a court

With your colleges! With your friends! Enjoy futsal and events at the rental court!
Those who are just watching including families can also enjoy!
Very popular! Have fun with BBQ after playing at the rental court!!

Court usage member fee (per hour)

※You can reserve up to 2 months ahead
Member Target Weekday daytime
10:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM
Weekday Nighttime
7:00 PM ~2:00 AM
Weekend, Holidays
9:00 AM ~2:00 AM
Regular Regular 6,800 JPY 11,300 JPY 13,500 JPY
Student Jr. High, Highschool, colledge, vocational school students
※Present 5 student ID cards at reception
4,500 JPY 9,000 JPY 11,300 JPY

Court usage non-member fee (per hour)

※You can reserve up to 14 days ahead
Non-member Target Weekday daytime
10:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM
Weekday Nighttime
7:00 PM ~2:00 AM
Weekend, Holidays
9:00 AM ~2:00 AM
Non-member Non-member team 9,000 JPY 13,500 JPY 15,800 JPY

Team membership registeration fee & admission fee

Regular Student
Registeration fee
(One year)
11,300 JPY 7,900 JPY
Renewal fee
(One year)
9,000 JPY 5,700 JPY

Notes for using the court

●How to reserve a court
When using the futsal court, reservation is required.
Please make your reservation from 2 months (for non-members, 14 days) ahead via the internet (personal computer or mobile phones), by phones, or at the facility reception counter.
For reservations after 11:00 PM, a reservation up to 2 days in advance is required.
Reservation accepted for 24 hours. We may contact you for confirmation.
>> Click here for reservation

【Faciltiy Reception counter】
Reception counter inside the clubhouse. Please contact us within the business hours.
※The court reservation will be an hourly rental. However, if the court is open on the day of use, it can be extended in 30 minutes.
※Please note that the courts are unavailable when leagues, tournaments, events, and soccer school are taking place.

●Cancellation fee
・The cancellation fee is free up to 8 days from the intended use date in advance.
・The cancellation fee is 50% if canceling 7 to 3 days from the intended use date in advance.
・The cancellation fee is 100% if canceling 2 days from the intended use date in advance to the intended date of use.
・The cancellation fee is not charged if the court can not be used due to inclement weather etc.
・Please pay the cancellation fee to the designated account within 7 days from the intended date of use.

【About changing the date of reservation】
If you cancel your reservation which facility rule doesn't apply for the free-charge cancellation, you will not be charged a cancellation fee if you make a new reservation within two weeks of the initial reservation date.
Also, please note that if you do so, the next reservation discount will not be applied.
Transfer reservation is accepted only once.
Transfer reservation change may require a cancellation fee no matter how many days ago.
*Transfer reservation change of the day is accepted only under rainy condition. No changes accept under for your convenience.
*Please inform the transfer reservation of the day by two hours in advance.
If you fail to do so, we may not let you transfer the reservation. Thank you for your understanding.
*For reservations of open to two hours, we will decide the night before.

【For customers using two or more courts】
If you want to use two or more court and more than two hours, terms of use are different from the regular regulations.

●How to use the court
※ Basically, court reservation will be up to 3 hours. Please contact the facility if you would like to rent a court for more than 4 hours.
※ On the day you come to the facility, please have the representative pay the usage fee at the reception counter in the clubhouse.
※ Each member is required to present the membership card.
※ For the availability of the court due to bad weather, please contact the reception counter directly.
※ We will lend 2 futsal balls and 5 bibs free of charge.

●Usage precautions of the facility
※ Please follow the instructions of the staff when using the court.
※ Eating, drinking, and smoking inside the court is strictly prohibited.
※ Please use futsal shoes or sports shoes on the court. (Spike shoes are prohibited)
※ We can not take any responsibility for injuries, accidents, or theft inside the court, in the parking lot, and other facilities.
※ If the court or equipment is damaged, the actual cost will be charged.
※ Please refrain from any behavior that may bother other users in the facility.
※ Student time on weekdays is now from 7 PM to 11:00 PM. Please note that the late-night (11:00 PM to 2:00 AM) charge is 9,000 JPY / 1h.

For other detailed rules, please read the Facility Terms of Use
→ Facility Terms of Use