COSTA yokohama


How to access
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Can I use cashless payments (credit cards, etc.)?
Sorry, only by JPY cash.
Is shower available?
Yes, a changing room equipped with a shower is available.
Can I drink alcoholic beverages?
Yes, but please drink only after your play.
I want to reserve just the BBQ area. Is it possible?
Sorry, but people who can use the BBQ area are for those who have used the futsal court only.
Target: Team which majority participated to use the rental court for 2 hours or more
Many people are participating. How big is the capacity?
We have quite a few big charcoal grill which can cover more than 30 people.
From our experience, roughly 200 people can participate.
Are BBQ ingredients available?
Sorry, but please bring ingredients with you.
If you want to use cold storage pack during your play, please inform in advance.
â– Recommended neighborhood food shops
Hanamasa Nishi-Yokohama
Can I bring in drinks?
Sorry, but bringing in drinks are prohibited.
Please use COSTA cafe inside the clubhouse or the vending machine of the facility
We will stop you from using the area if we spot you bringing in the drinks with you.
Do you have any kitchenware such as a kitchen knife or cutting board?
There is a free rental of a kitchen knife, cutting board, strainer, tongs, and cooking table.
Not only the kitchenware but also tables, chairs for 20 ppl and a tarp are free of use.
Are there any plates and cutleries?
You can purchase paper plates, chopsticks, and seasonings inside the clubhouse.
Details (PDF) You can also bring them with you.
I want to know the characteristics of the grills.
Charcoal grills have strong firepower, which is general cooking ware for grilling from straight fire.
If you want to cook thin meats or paella, the griddle is the recommendation.
Can I cancel on rainy days?
Cancellation fee is free if the alert is issued.
Please make your cancellation by 7 PM 3days in advance for other days or fee will be charged.
If you can not cancel within the limit, grill cost is charged.