COSTA yokohama

How to reserve by website

Facility introduction & court pictures

  1. ○ : Open (team reservation)
  2. : Green (Individual futsal): Individual participation
  3. : Green(school): individual school
  4. : Orange: Tournament
  5. : Blue: not available ( already booked by others)

How to reserve the court

  1. Select the button where you want to reserve
  2. Press to jump to next page
  3. Select "ビジター予約"
  4. Enter necessary information
    >> click here for details
  5. Check the received email
  6. This reservation is still temporary.
    After you fill out all the necessary information, you will receive an e-mail to your input address. Please click the URL to complete the reservation. The link will expire if you don't click within an hour after receiving. Please try again from the beginning.>